Dental Implants Cleveland - Replacement for Dentures and Bridges

Dr. John Heimke , The Facial Aesthetic Designer™ concentrates  on Comprehensive Dental Implant Care. He uses the latest technology and offers complete solutions for people with missing teeth. Everything from the initial consultation to the final placement of the beautiful new teeth can be done by our Integrated Team of Restorative Dentists, Oral Surgeon, and laboratory. 
Your Facial Aesthetic Designer is finding more patients are asking for dental implants in Cleveland than ever before because they are a better treatment option for the replacement of missing teeth. The oral surgeon places the the dental implants for long term results and they take the place of your natural root. Not all patients qualify as candidates for dental implant tooth replacement so its best to have a consultation with Dr. John Heimke to determine your suitablity, you can obtain a great smile quickly and the implants are placed in a very timely manner so that you can get back to smiling with confidence.  Dental Implants stay in place, they don't move around like dental bridges or dentures and if you look after them they can last a lifetime.

Why You Should Consider Dental Implants in Cleveland from The Facial Aesthetic Designer

If you have one or more missing teeth, you understand the frustrations that go along with a smile that is failing you. The missing teeth can make it harder to smile, dentures can become loose and make it uncomfortable to eat and the embarrassment of missing some of your teeth can affect your overall lifestyle.
Sure you can replace missing teeth in Cleveland by using some old school methods like dental bridges, dentures or removable partials. However, these solutions can cause other smile problems.
Some of these options like dental bridges may require your Cleveland dentist to file down your healthy teeth to make room and provide support for your missing teeth. Dentures and partials can make speaking more difficult. These traditional solutions often move and need to be removed for cleaning on a regular basis. Dental Implants look more aesthetically pleasing and act like your natural teeth. They are permanently rooted to your bone and no longer to you have to use powders and adhesives to secure your smile. Most important to understand is the use of Dental Implants do not impact healthy, adjacent teeth. 
Another problem you can experience with dentures and bridges in jaw bone atrophy. Since the Dental Implant(s) are secured into the bone like natural teeth would be, dental implants are the only tooth replacement option the  truly protects your oral health by preventing bone loss.

There have been amazing technologies introduced in dentistry recently and, Dental Implants are often the treatment of choice for most people missing one or more missing teeth and Dr. John Heimke should be considered your Cleveland implant dentist for teeth implants in Cleveland.

Dental Implants Cleveland - Nobel Biocare Immediate Function™ offered by Dr. John Heimke

He offers Nobel Biocare Immediate Function™ procedures for replacement of missing teeth, in his Cleveland dental implant office.  With the Immediate Function™ Procedures, a 3D CAT Scan is used with virtual planning software to plan the Dental Implant placement and to facilitate the design and fabrication of the final replacement teeth. All this is done after an initial consultation and before the scheduled Implant placement.

All-on-4 Implant Procedure Cleveland

Learn about these attractive Nobel Biocare immediate function option for patients with dentures or those that need full and upper and lower restorations. Ater your intitial workup, patients can receive 4 dental implants and replacement teeth in just one appointment...without having to go through bone grafts! The real benefit  is how quickly your old dentures can be permanently replaced with dental Implants and replacement teeth. For dental implants in Cleveland contact your Facial Aesthetic Designers for a complimentary dental implant consultation.  Dr. John Heimke should be the clear choice in your decision to get dental implants in Cleveland, OH.