Free Dental Implants - Cheap Dental Implants

First of all there’s no such thing.   Wish there was but, unfortunately free dental implants are a myth.  They’re not even covered by insurance and are considered a cosmetic surgery.   If you feel suspicious about a clinic that offers cheap or even free dental implants you feel right.  Considering this is a very time-consuming surgery that uses expensive materials it makes no sense to think that such procedure would be free.   A cost of a dental implant varies from $1200 to up to $5000 and the doctors have to go through some intensive training before being able to perform procedure. 

It is however possible to finance implants and they last a life-time if done properly.  Also, like with any cosmetic surgery it is always a good idea to do a lot of research and compare prices. 

A part of your research should involve talking to other patients who had their implants done at the same clinic to see what they have to say.  It is also an excellent idea to contact American Dental Association to find out about your dentist’s record. 

If you decide to go ahead with the implants you should know that  dvantages of using dental implants for replacing missing teeth are the following:

First of all, bone loss is stopped when implants are placed and they can’t be damaged by decay. The success rate is quite high.  Dental implants are bio-compatible; they are made out of titanium that fuses with bone, naturally.  Implants can stabilize dentures as well and it’s almost impossible to damage them. Implants can improve facial appearance as well as dental function such as biting and chewing. Other than pricing and occasional discomfort after the procedure, dental implants are really a revolutionary idea.

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