Cost of Root Canal

A root canal procedure is a serious operation that could potentially save you a lot of grief down the road.  That’s because a root canal infection will eventually lead to the loss of the tooth unless treated.  Losing a tooth means that you’ll need dentures or a dental implant, which will cost you a lot of time and money.  On the whole, it’s better to have a dead tooth, albeit held in place because of the root canal treatment, than no tooth at all.  It’s just simpler to keep the teeth you were born with rather than opt for dentures or implants.

One of the big questions asked by people who are suffering from a root canal infection is what the root canal cost is.  Unfortunately the prices fluctuate from dentist to dentist, and can also depend on whether you actually require the services of an endodontist.  The following are just rough estimates for the average price of different root canal procedures.

Naturally, dealing with the front teeth is easier than the back molars for two reasons: they’re easier to access and have less root canal tissue to remove.  For a front tooth incisor or bicuspid you can expect to be paying in around $500. 

The back molars are harder to access, typically have more root canals, and more tissue to remove.  This means that the cost is usually in excess of $500 but below $1000. 

If your root canal infection is serious or complicated by other factors, you may have to visit an endodontist who specializes in the gums and tooth anatomy.  An endodontist will charge a higher premium rate, which could be as high as 30% to 50% more.

Though an endodontist does charge more, if he or she can handle your situation better it is in your own best interest to follow through with it.  Your dentist will be able to recommend who would be able to do a better job.  If your root canal problem is outside the scope of your dentist’s experience and equipment, then obviously you’ll have to go see an endodontist.


Never go with a cheaper surgery just because of the price.  A root canal that is botched can lead to a re-infection that will require additional surgery.  You simply can’t afford to take chances with a root canal surgery.  Find a surgeon or dentist that believes he or she can handle your case thoroughly and successfully.


This is just a brief discussion on the cost of root canal surgery.  For more information please consult your dentist today.

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