Teeth Whitening Seattle Dentist - Zoom White

Picture this: residents of Seattle.  You have been hunting for that perfect job, you have been searching for months and finally you get that call.  They want to interview you.  You are more than excited but as you've been unemployed for a few months you have been drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes thus leaving your teeth stained and nasty.  What do you do?

Dr. April Ziegele has the answer. Zoom teeth whitening.  Unlike the standard teeth whitening systems that can take months to show results you know you need the best looking teeth in a matter of hours.  Well, once you visit Dr. April Ziegele you find that it takes less than an hour to get the teeth you want.

Dr. April Ziegele is confronted with this all the time in Seattle, and time and time again she has proven that that perfect smile is attainable, and all it takes is one a hour treatment.  She has performed this treatment a thousand times and has seen just as many smiling customers leave his office satisfied that they got the teeth they deserved at a reasonable price.

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Dr. Kevin B. Sands, D.D.S.

Dr. Kevin B. Sands specializes in cosmetic dentistry, taking pride in offering the finest in patient care and services to each and every patient. He is determined to give you the smile you deserve! In fact, some of the most beautiful smiles in Hollywood have come through our doors. Dr. Kevin B. Sands has trained with some of the worlds most prominent cosmetic dental specialists. He is rapidly becoming known Beverly Hills leading cosmetic dentist for people ...