Tooth Filling

Teeth that have been affected by tooth decay (caries or cavities) require a filling.

A tooth filling is a very common procedure and is used to fill up the cavities in the teeth. There are generally 3 types of tooth filling:

amalgam or alloy mixed with mercury composite or white filling with same color as that of teeth indirect filling or filling made in a lab Amalgam

Dental amalgams also known as silver fillings are comprised of a mixture of mercury (45 to 50 percent) and an alloy of silver tin and copper (50 to 55 percent). When it is combined with other materials in dental amalgam mercury’s chemical nature changes and it is no longer considered harmful to the body.

The procedure to fit an amalgam filling involves excavating the intended tooth and removing all the decay present. The tooth is then shaped in a specific manner in order to accept silver filling. After shaping the tooth a band is placed around the tooth and the amalgam is condensed into the prepared tooth. The final filling is then carved and adjusted to the persons bite.

A new filling takes almost two weeks to become fully hardened with light sensitivity to cold or hot occurring for up to six weeks after surgery is completed.

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