Can you fix a smile with crooked teeth, without braces?

My teeth are very crooked and I hate my smile but I'm almost 30 and don't want to wear braces. Is there another solution?

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Answered By: Dr. Benjamin L. Young, DDS

There are a range of options from Invasalign, to retainers, to veneers and crowns. Invisalign can take a year or more, whereas veneers are often called "instant braces" as your teeth will appear straight almost instantly. The outcome depends on several factors (current condition of your teeth, health of your gums, etc) and can be explored by a dentist properly trained in this type of restorative dentistry.

Answered By: Dental Arts & Wellness

There are two other options to move your teeth without that 'wire-and-bracket' look you dread.
One is to move teeth with a series of invisible clear trays. You will be given several transparent trays to wear. Each tray is marked with a sequence number and is designed to be worn all the time for about 2-3 weeks per tray to move your teeth gradually. After the first tray is done, you wear a second one, then third... until you reach the final tray. As you can see, the tray is removable, but the longer you wear trays the faster the teeth move. You will be advised not to keep the tray removed too long. Eating requires removing the tray(s) usually, so snacking is harder. It is interesting to mention that average good-wearer patients lose pounds during treatment! Good things about this tray method is you can keep flossing and brushing as usual. Speaking is initially tricky but most patients learn to speak as usual soon after.
Another interesting method is to wear braces, but not on the outside that is visible to others: The brackets and wires are placed on the inside part of your teeth. This requires a special technique but you will be able to find an orthodontist or general dentist who can offer this service. Find your local orthodontist society to locate a provider if you are interested in this.
I, too, had my braces when I was 30. I noticed that I had been thinking about my crooked teeth for 5 years, and thought, "I would have been done by now if I had started it when I first thought about it!"
Whether you use tray-type or hidden-braces type, beautifully aligned teeth are easier to clean and make your teeth look cleaner and your face better. It will be fun to look better in your 30's than you did in your 20's!

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