Dental financing in NYC?

I am looking for info about dental financing in New York City. I have pretty bad teeth and pretty certain I need to go with implants

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Are dental implants recommended for people in their mid 70's with type 2 diabetes?
Are dental implants recommended for people in their mid seventies with type 2 diabetes?

Regarding IMPLANT
My dentist tried to do implant on one of my lost teeth but as the bone is week he suggested not to go for an implant. Is it possible to resuse the same implant (screw)? The dentist told me that the implant can't be re-used.

I have several teeth that have broken off. Would you recommend dental implants?
I am totally embarrassed to go to a dentist at this point but want a nice smile.

My front tooth fell out, what can I do besides a dental implant?
My front tooth fell out and I need something besides a dental implant because I can't afford it. Is there a cheaper way or is there some kind of insurance I could get that would cover the procedure?

One of my front teeth came out, ss it true that an implant would be longer than my tooth?
I went to the dentist for an implant, and he said that it would be longer than my other front tooth. Is this true? He also said a bridge would be better than an implant. What are your thoughts?

Does insurance cover birth defects associated with your teeth?
I was born with only 9 permanent teeth and an atrophied mandible. Is there any chance of getting any insurance company to pay for even part of it since it's a prenatal condition?

I just lost a tooth last night when I fell and it broke off. What can I expect when I go to a dentist about this?
I lost the tooth next to my front tooth on the top right side. Most of it is gone except for the top part near my gum. How much is a new tooth going to cost (approximately) and how long is the process to have it replaced? What will be done to my mouth, exactly?

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