Extract or save?

Interior cusps on #31 fractured, 1950s prophylactic filling lost, no sensitivity; #32 intact, but small gum flap. Will require crown lengthening/pins for crown. Root canal not mentioned? What is risk/benefit? Why not extract? #1 not fully descend

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What's the difference between a crown and a cap?
I've been trying to read up on crowns but I keep seeing the word 'cap' being used. Are they the same thing?

Can one tooth receive these two procedures?
Pontic-porcelain fused to predominantly base metal & Crown-porcelain fused to predominantly base metal. These procedures were performed on one tooth, #23. Is this ok?

Could the numbness I'm feeling be due to the novocaine shot I received during a gum graft 4 months ago?
I had a gum graft 4 months ago on tooth #22. It was performed by a periodontist. Since then, my lower front lip has been numb. My doctor says it couldn't be nerve damage obtained during the procedure because I would have felt extreme pain at the time. Is the numbness a result of the novocaine shot or nerve damage?

Is it normal to have a migraine and jaw tightening after a crown and filling? How long will it last?
I am experiencing tightening of the jaw, migraines and a toothache after having a crown installed and a deep tooth filling. Is this normal? How long will these symptoms last?

How long do the lips stay numb after a filling and/or crown?
I had a crown on a lower left tooth and a filling on an upper right tooth. My upper and lower lips are still numb. I was wondering how long the numbness lasts. It's already been 3-4 hours.

I want to crown my teeth which is better, full ceramic or lava?
I'm not clear on the difference between traditional ceramic crowns and the Lava ceramic crowns. Can you explain? Which is better, and why?

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