Caring for Dental Bridges

When a tooth is lost due to disease, aging or an unfortunate accident replacing that tooth is quite important for both esthetic and functional reasons.

When teeth are missing there is a chance that existing teeth might shift to fill the empty space. People with missing teeth also run the risk of acquiring gum disease, speech impediments, jaw problems, tooth decay and collapsed bites. The most popular way to prevent these things from happening is to insert a bridge where teeth are missing.

A bridge is a false tooth made from porcelain with a metal substructure. Usually crowns are applied to the two teeth on either side of the bridge and the bridge is then affixed to these crowns so that it stays in place.

Caring for dental bridges is extremely important when it comes to maintaining a healthy smile so it is essential that each person with this sort of dental work learn how to properly clean and care for them.

When a person first decides to get a dental bridge they will initially visit their dentist to have their teeth prepared to for the bridge. At this time a temporary plastic tooth will be affixed where the bridge will eventually go to keep the teeth from shifting. Caring for dental bridges begins when this temporary tooth is inserted. During this time patients should be sure to stay away from any foods that are hard or sticky that may damage or dislodge this temporary tooth.

After the permanent bridge is affixed diligent cleaning and care will ensure that the bridge lasts for years and does not have to be replaced. Caring for dental bridges over the years means always ensuring that they are regularly brushed and flossed with extra care taken where bridges and natural teeth meet.

Patients opting for dental bridges should ensure that their dentists give them detailed cleaning and care instructions.

Similar to natural teeth, proper brushing and flossing will ensure that your bridges look great and last for years.

Dental work can be expensive so if you made the mistake of not caring for your teeth in past years and this eventually lead to tooth loss, don’t make the same mistake with your bridges. Think of this sort of dental work as a second chance at a radiant set of teeth and make sure you inform yourself about everything there is to know about caring for dental bridges.

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