What is New in Dental Bridges

If lately you have been wondering, ”What is new in dental bridges?” than maybe you should sit down because you are about to get some incredibly exciting news.

The newest innovation in dental bridges is… you guessed it… gold.

This gold isn’t exactly the same as the kind that is associated with leprechauns and rainbows, but it might as well be because you will feel like the luckiest person on earth when you try on your new Captek bridges with AGT (that’s right, Advanced Gold Technology).

The next time your friends ask you, ”What’s new in dental bridges?” you can tell them about Captek. When they say, ”What is Captek?” you can say ”Well, it’s the most advanced form of metallurgic technology around. I can’t believe you didn’t know that.”

With cutting-edge metallurgic creativity Captek crafted gold metal structures for crowns and bridges. This titanium-tough reinforced gold is strong and stable.

Each person that invests in this sort of bridge cannot help but marvel over the superior fit and extreme bond strength.

Not only will these bridges eliminate those unsightly gray margins that you have noticed with other bridges, but they will also let your friends know that you aren’t poor.

There really is no better way to celebrate your golden years, and your mouth, than with Advanced Gold Technology. There might be other people who are willing to settle for gray, or even silver, but you know that you deserve to go for the gold.

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