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Although Dr. Dana Keith is one of the most respected general and cosmetic dentist in northeastern United States (Maryland/Virginia/Washington D.C. areas), and although he is recognized for his tremendous skills to treat a wide range of dental problems; and although he renowned for his consistently outstanding results; and although you may know that you are getting high-quality dental services with him, it still is sometimes difficult to shake the fear of seeing a dentist, no matter how great he is!  Really, who truly enjoys a visit to the dentist?   

Don’t worry, Dr. Dana Keith won’t be offended even though you should feel comfortable and at ease in his dental practice in the communities of Silver Spring and Chevy Chase.  Dr. Keith understands that fear of the dentist is a common development in the majority of patients he sees.  It could be a matter of experience - how can we forget our childhood experiences to the dentist – they usually aren’t the most blissful of memories.  After all, you are lying horizontally on a dental chair with a very bright light shining onto you.  As you lie with your mouth agape, a strange being hovers atop with protective coverings over their mouth and hands bearing strange instruments.  Oh those strange instruments with such fuzzy fixtures such as hooks, drills, scrapers that are used with force (sometimes excessive) on your gums and teeth.  And who can’t remember the pain?  I know I can! 

While Dr. Keith wishes to dispel the whole myth of dentists being scary people bent on inflicting pain on unsuspecting patients, he understands that will come with time.  Until then, he still wishes his patients to have the best experiences they can, and for frightful patients, Dr. Keith offers sedation dentistry.  Dr. Keith offers sedation dentistry for his patients, who are from all over Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C., to alleviate any pent-up anxiety that they might harbor.  Dr. Keith is quick to point out that millions of Americans who desperately need dental treatment will still avoid the dentist because of their fear and anxiety.  With sedation dentistry, Dr. Dana Keith hopes to encourage more people to seek the help they need.       

Offering many solutions to alleviate the stress and apprehension of dental visits, Dr. Keith gives you the choice of whether you would like sedation dentistry to be applied.  A wide selection of sedation options, from oral to intravenous medication, can be selected, so that you will be coaxed into an anesthetized state.  This ways, you will be relaxed throughout whatever dental procedure Dr. Dana Keith is performing. 

Your safety is Dr. Keith’s number one priority, so you won’t ever feel insecure, uncomfortable, or vulnerable under the supervision of Dr. Keith.  If this sounds good for your next dental visit, contact Dr. Dana Keith, and he will happy to discuss any aspect of sedation dentistry.
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