Cost of Gum Surgery

More than one third of the population is suffering from some form of gum disease.  Dentists everywhere recommend periodontal – gum treatment --  treatment to their patients.  Conditions such as deep pockets, especially with bone loss, requires immediate attention of a dental surgeon.  There are many signs and symptoms of gum disease such as bad breath, bleeding gums, sore gums and teeth as well as changes in the bite.  Many people, however, are not well aware of the symptoms and may let gum disease go untreated. 

Normally, the costs involved in gum surgery differ and depend on how much of your mouth is undergoing a procedure as well as what kind of  procedure is being used and if there are any other procedures that will be carried out.  Lots of patients decide to correct their smiles by not only investing in gum surgery but also other cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as crowns or veneers. The whole strategy should be discussed in detail with your dentist so that you’re aware of all the costs. 

A number of improvements make gum surgery less of a hassle than it traditionally was at no additional costs.  Laser techniques, for example, usually cost about the same as the traditional surgery but the remarkable speed of the laser, the reduced anesthesia, and the increased comfort for patients makes the new system much more desirable.  

The laser gum surgery is comparable because patients do not require pre-treatment with deep scaling and root-planning.  But there are some factors that may affect the cost, such as the severity of the periodontal disease, and how many teeth are involved.    Another problem with laser technique is that many insurance plans pay for only a portion of the treatment. You should discuss your payment options with the dental office personnel before laser treatment begins.

People with a gummy smile – where too much gums is showing --  often undergo this surgery that involves cutting open the gums, pushing them up and putting laminates to increase the length of the teeth. It’s a minor surgery that takes about 45 minutes and typically is not painful at all.

The costs of cosmetic gum surgery vary across the States and across the clinics.  As mentioned above, the cost depends on how much surgery is done as well as if there are any additional procedures involved.  The prices quoted are between $500 to $2000.

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