Whether you smoke, drink coffee or tea, or even eat staining foods, your teeth suffer the visual consequences of your lifestyle habits.  In addition, naturally as we age, our teeth show the natural signs of losing their shine.  

Having white teeth is associated with confidence, youthfulness, and poise – and subsequently, people from all walks of life are having their teeth whitened with professional dental treatments, such as LaserSmile.  Whereas only one decade ago people suffered through messy overnight bleaching trays, you can now enjoy a gorgeous, white smile in only one hour.  

The advantages of LaserSmile

LaserSmile is an incredibly safe, effective treatment.  Its main ingredient has been utilized safely in dental offices for over 100 years, and thus, ensures its position as a very safe treatment, even in the long-term.  

In addition, the combination of the ingredients, along with the procedure itself, makes LaserSmile very effective.  Its quick treatment reduces the risk of sensitivity and the discomfort of excess heat, making the LaserSmile treatment both comfortable and safe.  Many dentists consider the laser energy treatment, which is utilized by LaserSmile, as the most advanced method of whitening teeth.       

Having your teeth whitened under a dental professional’s care with a treatment such as LaserSmile is considered the safest option, as your oral health remains in the hands of a professional.  

The easy LaserSmile procedure and aftercare

In under one hour at the dentist’s office, you undergo a simple, painless process for LaserSmile.  First, the dentist will apply gingival protection that shields your gums.  The specialized LaserSmile gel is applied, and then its whitening power is activated by a special laser every 15 seconds.  Within one hour, the gel rinses off easily, and your smile now enjoys a greater wattage of white, several shades lighter.     

With LaserSmile, you instantly get a brighter smile, with minimal aftercare.  You simply need to maintain good oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing, as well as brush your teeth after you consume staining foods and beverages.  

LaserSmile is suitable for most people

If you would like brighter, whiter teeth, LaserSmile may be a great dental whitening treatment for you.  LaserSmile is an effective dentist whitening treatment for the vast majority of patients, but if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, it is important to inform your dentist first.  In addition, if you have caps, bonds, or veneers, you should consult with your dentist first, as LaserSmile is not intended for whitening these oral additions.  

Unlike trays, gels, and strips that take weeks of use, LaserSmile gives you instantaneous results.  You also obtain peace of mind that your dentist is professionally administering the treatment, ensuring LaserSmile’s effectiveness and safety.

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