CEREC Gurnee-Lake County, IL

CEREC allows your dentist to create and attach your crowns, bridges or veneers with just one visit thanks to state-of-the-art technolog

A dentist trained to use CEREC can change your smile in a single visit by creating a custom tooth restoration on the spot that is stronger and more durable than conventional restoration products. Your dentist will prepare the tooth or teeth that need to be restored and then add a coat of special white powder over top. A 3D imaging camera will then take impressions of the teeth and upload them to the CEREC computer so that the dentist can then use the special CEREC software to redesign the tooth so that you end up with a replacement that looks and functions exactly as your natural tooth. This information and design is them sent to a milling machine that uses ceramic as well as composite material to create the new restoration in as quickly as 4 minutes!

The invention of CEREC has made it possible for you to have a new smile in minutes. This means not having to spend time in temporary crowns while you wait for your order to be ready. It also means no more multiple visits to get your smile looking beautiful again. As well, the restorations prepared by CEREC are stronger and more durable than others thanks to their special combination of materials and unique milling process. This is truly a breakthrough in cosmetic dentistry and one that your dentist is proud to offer you.

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