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Da Vinci veneers have become a leading product in cosmetic surgery.  However, the concept and use of veneers dates back to the 1930’s, developed at first to help improve the appearance of actors’ and actresses’ teeth for aesthetic purposes on-screen.  Much has happened in the dental profession since then, especially with new Da Vinci veneers, but the concept is still much the same.  

Revolutionizing Da Vinci Veneers

For the last quarter century, the people of Da Vinci veneers have been working to improve the quality of the veneers the put on their customers’ teeth – and in the process, they have revolutionized the process of applying veneers to people’s teeth.  

The ultra-thin Da Vinci veneers are bonded to the patient’s teeth, and they so closely resemble real teeth that the difference is visually not discernable.  The Da Vinci veneers can be used to cover cracks, worn teeth, and minor gaps in people’s front teeth, and these tooth veneers look very natural once applied.

Over the last 25 years, the specialists at Da Vinci veneers have been consistently achieving measurable dental results, truly making their mark on teeth veneers through precise applications and fitting.   Da Vinci veneers have been featured on television makeover shows, including “Extreme Makeover” and “The Swan.”  The veneers by Da Vinci are highly resilient to permanent staining, even stains caused by coffee, wine, and cigarette smoking.

Pearly White Da Vinci Veneers Smile

Da Vinci veneers also offers a new whitening system that can help to achieve four different shades of whiteness, depending on just how much you want your smile to gleam.  These shades start at “bright,” and end with “ludicrously bright.”  People hoping to achieve the ultra-bright smile of Hollywood stars and celebrities need look no further than their dentist’s office.  

The application of Da Vinci veneers will take patients several appointments and cost more than other veneer options; however, the satisfaction among customers who have undergone the procedure is so great that it hardly seems fair to consider the alternatives available.  The Da Vinci veneers are of a quality and a consistency that is virtually unmatched in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

A bright, healthy smile is a societal norm these days and is a cultural indicator of one’s station or position on the social ladder.  Although one’s appearance is not all that matters, a smile -makes an impact on first and last impressions.  Brighter, whiter smiles convey confidence, stability, and a sense that you take good care of yourself – important characteristics for both personal and professional endeavors.  Therefore, the smile you show people speaks tremendously regarding who you are, whether you know it or not – and Da Vinci veneers can ensure that your smile beams confidence.

Choosing a cosmetic dental procedure is a tough choice.  However, many who have had their dentists place Da Vinci veneers on their teeth give testament to the quality and durability of the company’s product, as well as their dedication to innovation.  Ask your dental health care professional about Da Vinci veneers and see if they are a solution worth considering for your cosmetic dentistry needs.

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