Dental Bonding Calgary Dentist

Dental bonding is a very popular procedure where composite resin filling is placed on your teeth to restore and reshape teeth that may be decaying, crooked, chipped, uneven, or stained.ᅠ Dental bonding can also help individuals with recessive gums, or individuals with gaps between their teeth.ᅠ Basically, bonding will cover any natural flaws by applying a thin coating of a plastic material on the front surface of your teeth. For small corrections, dental bonds are color-matched to the tooth and are bonded to the surface for added strength all in one appointment.ᅠ These are most appropriate for small fillings and front fillings.ᅠ For larger corrections, a mold of your teeth is made to create a custom-made filling.ᅠ This custom-fit filling is then bonded to your tooth on your return visit.ᅠ This whole process may take more than one appointment.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Galan to address any questions or concerns.ᅠ He is more than happy to provide you with any information and assistance you need.

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