Dental Bonding for Spaces Between Teeth

Very few people are born with perfect teeth but while some people look at their smiles and just grin and bear them, others look for ways to achieve the perfect set of pearly whites.

In some cases dental problems are completely subjective and what one person despises, another embraces. One example is gapped teeth. Some consider spaces between teeth sexy, while others prefer their teeth perfectly aligned.

If you haven’t embraced the spaces between your teeth like Madonna has you may be looking for a way to correct the problem.

Dental bonding for spaces between teeth can be a great alternative to other more painful, time-consuming corrective methods that you may have shied away from in the past. Braces are great for correcting teeth in adolescence, put this painful, time-consuming process can often become incredibly inconvenient once you become an adult. Dental bonding, on the other hand, can be done quickly and easily. Usually the procedure only requires one or two dental appointments and the results are often just as dramatic as they would be with braces.

The actual procedure involved with dental bonding for spaces between teeth involves a mild chemical being applied to the teeth to make them slightly rough so that the resin bonding agent can adhere properly. Next the resin is applied in layers and hardened with a specially designed light. Once the appropriate number of resin layers has been applied the teeth are sculpted and polished.

Not only is bonding a more convenient corrective method for fixing gaps in between teeth than braces, it is also usually quite a bit more economical. Braces typically remain on teeth for years and so the cost of orthodontic appointments tends to add up. Bonding on the other hand can usually be done in just over an hour and the cost is typically between $200 and $1000 per tooth.

Bonding might not be a viable treatment option for people with severe dental problems, but for minor spaces in between teeth it can be a quick and easy fix.

So if you’re sick of being known for your gap-toothed smile, ask your dentist whether or not you can benefit from the many advantages of dental bonding.

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