Dental Bonding Technology

Everyone can benefit from the many advantages of dental bonding technology.

Dental bonding technology can be used to correct a variety. This technology can aid in the restoration of teeth that are cracked, chipped, stained, gapped or decaying so there is no reason that anyone should suffer with teeth that make them uncomfortable.

Going to the dentist used to be pain, but since the advancements in dental bonding technology, repairing teeth can be quick and easy. In the past amalgam fillings were widely used by dentists to fill cavities and correct dental problems, but these days dental bonding technology has evolved so much that amalgam fillings have become virtually obsolete. Composite resin is now used instead of amalgam to fill in and fix damaged teeth.

Composite resin blends with the natural color of each patient's teeth so it looks incredibly natural, compared to unsightly silver amalgam fillings. Composite resin is also more durable and tends to last quite a bit longer than amalgam because as the teeth expand over time so does the composite resin.

Dental bonding technology can be used on both the front and the back teeth. This technology can be used for fillings in the molars and it can also be used to fill in the space between a person's two front teeth. Bonding technology can even be applied overtop of teeth to cover up stains and cracks.

The best part about this innovative dental technology is that the entire bonding procedure usually only takes about an hour. Bonding typically involves first having a mild etching solution applied to the teeth to create small grooves which allows the composite resin to adhere properly. After the application of the etching solution the resin is applied to the teeth in layers and this material is then hardened with a special high-intensity light that is placed in the mouth. When the appropriate number of composite resin layers has been applied, the hardened resin is sculpted into shape to achieve the patient's desired result.

So if you have dental problems, familiarize yourself with the many benefits of bonding technology and in no time you will be able to possess the sort of natural-looking smile you have always dreamed of.

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