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If you have chipped teeth or if there is erosion due to decay or cavity, Washington DC dental crowns maybe the best option for you. Washington DC Dental Crowns are also sometimes referred to as モdental capsヤ or モtooth capsヤ. Our Washington DC dental crowns fit over top of the decayed/eroded tooth and are secured to give your tooth added strength and an overall better appearance. Washington DC dental crowns will not only make you look great again, but they are an important aid to the overall health of your mouth.ᅠᅠ

Washington DC dental crowns cup over the entire portion of the infected tooth; in effect there are acting as a kind of barrier, or hat, for your tooth. Crowns are not the same as fillings, which just fill in part of the tooth that has decayed or eroded away. Dental crowns offer much more strength and support for the tooth as a whole and protect the inside of the tooth from further damage.ᅠᅠ

Washington DC cosmetic dentists can use Washington DC dental crowns to give you an overall better appearance. Instead of using gold or silver, Washington DC dental crowns (which are much more noticeable) use porcelain. These Washington DC dental crowns also give your tooth the natural appearance that it once had. Porcelain Washington DC dental crowns are the greatest alternative today because porcelain, which is similar to glass, has a smooth surface and resists staining from coffee, wine or cigarettes. Additionally, porcelain absorbs light so your tooth will continue to look natural even in the sunlight.ᅠᅠ

Come speak to a Washington DC cosmetic dentist to see how Washington DC dental crowns can give you back that healthy, good-looking smile you once had. For a safe and effective alternative to traditional capping or filling, Washington DC dental crowns are simply the best. If you're tooth is decaying and you can no longer deal with the ugliness or pain, then Washington DC dental crowns are for you!

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