Crowns and Bridges Gilbert, AZ

Gilbert, AZ dentist Dr. Shumway can restore your smile in just one visit thanks to CEREC ヨ a state-of-the-art system that allows the dentist to design and create your new restoration in the office in just minutes. Dr. Shumway is able to design your new custom crown or bridge using CEREC's software and 3D camera and then fabricate it by sending the data to the in-office milling machine where the highest quality materials are used to make your restoration in minutes.

Dental crowns sit on top of your tooth like a cap. They can be used on a stained, damaged or chipped tooth as well as over a dental implant. They are often used following a root canal treatment or to replace a large filling when there is too little of the tooth structure left otherwise. As for bridges, they literally work to bridge the gap between teeth by being cemented to nearby teeth to hold your restoration in place. Both crowns and bridges can be made to match your teeth seamlessly so that you get a natural looking smile thanks to this wonderful technology and Dr. Shumway's artistic skill.

If you have a fractured, stained or damaged tooth that you would like restored or a missing tooth that you would like replaced then contact the office of Gilbert, AZ dentist Dr. Shumway and book your appointment. You can have your complete smile back within just one visit.

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