Metal Free Fillings Allentown

If you're in the Allentown, PA area and are interested in cosmetic dentistry procedures such as metal free fillings, speaking with Dr. Mary Viechnicki Potter may be well worth your while. A well-trained and dedicated dental professional, Dr. Viechnicki Potter is committed to providing all of her patients with conservative approaches to dentistry to help them restore their smile and thus their self-confidence. There are several treatments and procedures available at this facility, but one of the more common dental needs is fillings.

With new materials available, metal free fillings utilize a tooth-colored filling material to replace the formerly used materials that dotted your mouth. With a tooth-colored filling, nobody has to know how many fillings you've had or even that you've ever had a single one. The new fillings are molded and shaped to look just like your natural teeth and even show an improved strength and durability as they are bonded to the teeth.

If you find yourself in the Allentown area with cavities that need filled, simply pick up the phone and call Dr. Viechnicki Potter. Metal free fillings are a great way of ensuring your overall oral hygiene without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your smile.ᅠ

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