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Are you missing teeth?  You can easily fix that with a dental implant.  Not only will the dental implant function similar to a regular tooth, it will restore the aesthetic quality of your teeth and smile!  A dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth that looks and feels natural.  Also, dental implants can provide strong, yet comfortable, support to hold a replacement dental bridge or dental crown in position, as well as prevent additional gum and bone loss that is usually associated with bridgework and dentures.      

If you’re in the state of Maryland and/or within the Greater Washington DC Metropolitan Area and you’re considering dental implant dentistry, then Dr. Dana Keith is your trusted choice for excellent service, and even more excellent results.  With over 21 years of experience, Dr. Dana Keith has established himself as one of the leading cosmetic dentist in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area.  Conveniently located in two locations, the communities of Silver Spring and Chevy Chase, Dr. Dana Keith can easily be accessed for all your dentistry needs.     

The process of inserting dental implants will differ affixing the dental implant into jawbone, where it will also replace the root.  The dental implants will assimilate with the bone, which aids in keeping the bone and surrounding gums active and healthy.  Usually, your dental implant will serve as an anchor where the ‘artificial tooth’ component of the dental implant will be fastened.   

Considered the best choice for teeth replacement, dental implants have so many benefits compared to regular bridgework.  If you only have one missing tooth, dental implants may be a more cost-effective option than bridges, which usually requires the removal or alteration of adjacent teeth to support the bridge.  This is another benefit of dental bridges – the preservation of your unaffected adjacent teeth, which will do wonders for the long-term health of your teeth.  Then there is the comfort factor – many people are satisfied with the unexpected comfort dental implant restoration have.  After some time, you’ll soon forget that you even have a dental implant in your mouth!  Also, dental implants are far easier to clean and maintain compared to dental bridges.     

Depending on the type of dental implant selected and your own individual situation, a custom treatment plan will be developed to meet your needs.  Another benefit of dental implants is their high success rate, which is a reason why they are the best alternative for tooth replacement.  That success rate is even more enhanced with Dr. Dana Keith at the helm.  Possessing vast experience in the dental implanting procedure, Dr. Dana Keith has seen a diverse array of cases so you can feel secure knowing that you’ll be attaining quality results! 

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