Why Are Dental Implants Needed?

Dental Implants are artificial dental devices that are installed in several steps. They may be a permanent solution and will function just like natural teeth, as the implants will be inserted in the bone of the patient for more resistance. There are two situations that the implants are used for: to replace lost teeth and to fill in large gaps between teeth.

Replacement for Tooth Loss

Tooth loss should be dealt with and the teeth should be replaced with artificial teeth, as in time, the bone and the structure of the face may change and this can lead to the loss of other teeth. Lost teeth can be replaced with dental bridges and dentures when there are numerous missing teeth. However, dental implants are superior to the mentioned solutions, as a dental implant will be more durable and functional.

The implant will be made up of 3 elements:

  • The lower part of the screw, which will be integrated in the patient’s bone
  • The upper part of the titanium screw, which will stay under the crown
  • The crown

If the patient does not have sufficient bone, where the implant screw should go, an additional procedure of bone grafting is needed prior to starting the dental implant procedure.

Fills Large Gaps between Teeth

Large gaps between teeth should also be filled. Dental implants can be a solution. However, the patient should try braces first, which can adjust the position of the teeth, resulting in reduced gaps. But, if there are large gaps, dental implants can be inserted.

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