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A natural smile with sparkling teeth, courtesy of MACTM Veneers, can open many doors in your business and social life. With great teeth and a radiant smile, you exude a positive spin on your professional and personal endeavors; if you look in the mirror and like what you see, your confidence level goes through the roof.

Not only do MACTM veneers improve your smile, they can improve a broad range of dental problems including gaps, cracks, and stains.  The demand for cosmetic dental procedures has seen an exponential increase over the past several years, and beautiful teeth to enhance a stunning smile are included on the quest for total physical perfection.

Industry Leader MACTM Veneers Considered “Best of the Best”

MACTM Veneers are made by MicroDental Laboratories, utilizing state-of-the-art pressed ceramic porcelain.  MACTM Veneers are more than two to three times stronger than other dental veneers, they last longer, and much more resistant to staining than the standard feldspathic dentist veneers.  

Highly skilled technicians, known as ceramists, create the natural looking MACTM Veneer, which are known as the best dentistry veneers for their unique combination of beauty and function.  The MACTM Veneer Division of MicroDental Laboratories is its fastest growing segment, continuing to create innovative materials and procedures to further extend knowledge of leaders in the cosmetic dentistry industry.  MACTM Veneers are the choice of many top dentists.  When you understand that you have a choice between the cosmetic veneers that dentists use, you will opt for the best – MACTM Veneers.

Have The Smile You Want With MACTM Veneers

If you want to improve your smile, you are not alone. Many Americans are unhappy with their smile because of problems with their teeth, and they are consulting with their dentists about enhancing their smiles with porcelain teeth veneers. MACTM Veneers will reshape and recolor your teeth, and your dentist will give you options as to the amount of whiteness you may want to incorporate to achieve a totally natural look. MACTM Veneers will give your teeth a white, radiant and healthy look. In as few as two appointments, you will achieve the “ultimate” in smiles.  

Choosing a Dentist

Make sure the dentist you choose for your tooth veneers has accreditation from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists (AACD), backed with necessary training for cosmetic dentistry.  Discuss your needs with your dentists and how you would like to approve your appearance with MACTM Veneers. Remember, a natural smile with beautiful teeth gives you confidence that will take you places you’ve never been before – and MACTM Veneers can bring you there.

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