Cost and Financing of Dentures

The cost of dentures varies from one dental office to another, just as the cost of other dental procedures vary. You can expect an average cost of $1,500.00 per plate (upper or lower). Some of the cost variables depend on where and in which state the dental office is located. Costs can rise significantly in a city compared to a suburban area. If you do not already have a dentist that you have been seeing for your other dental needs, you can call dentists in your area to ask what they charge for a denture.  Keep in mind that other procedures, such as extracting teeth and relining dentures, are separate fees.

It is a common practice to reline a denture one year after initial seating if extractions are done and it is not a replacement denture.  A reline is needed to enhance the fit and comfort of wearing a denture after healing of the tissue and shrinkage of the bone is complete following extractions. Dentures are made of an acrylic base with plastic teeth. The shade and shape of teeth are determined during your initial visit when impressions are taken for the denture. 

Financing Dentures

There are a few options available for financing dentures. Typically, dental insurance plans cover 50 percent toward the cost of a denture. You will be responsible for the balance which is usually payable in three to four payments. Many Dental offices require that you pay one half of your portion down at the initial appointment; this covers lab fees that the dentist is required to pay. 

Whether you have insurance coverage or not, one method of payment is with a credit or debit card. A credit card payment will allow you to make payments over time. If you can pay in full, there is almost always an immediate discount applied. Either way, the financing portion of your procedure will be determined before the treatment begins.

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