Dentures Adhesive

The only way to properly replace lost teeth without invasive surgery is with dentures. Adhesive glues are often used in conjunction with dentures to ensure that they stay in place.ᅠ Most people are adverse to placing adhesive chemicals inside their mouth, and they're fears sound.ᅠ Dentures glue is not for everyone, and should only be used in certain situations.

For those with properly built and maintained dentures, adhesive glues can make the dentures stay in place, increase the biting force, and give the patient peace of mind.ᅠ Other people who have dry mouths may need adhesives because they can't keep the dentures in place without proper moisture.ᅠ Common patients who meet these criteria are the elderly, people with neurological disorders, and people on medications.ᅠ An additional category of people who require dentures glue are those who use their facial muscles a lot like public speakers, actors and actresses, and musicians.

Some people who shouldn't be using adhesives are those that have poorly fitted dentures.ᅠ Signs that you may have bad dentures are constant looseness, discomfort, and the development of sores.ᅠ Adhesives won't cure these symptoms and you should visit your dentist immediately.ᅠ People who haven't visited their dentist in a long time for a checkup should not use adhesives either.ᅠ A new set of dentures is usually a better choice than using glues with an old set.

Patients who wish to use dentures adhesives should consider the following rules of thumb.ᅠ Start with less adhesive and work your way up until it feels comfortable.ᅠ Less is always more with adhesives.ᅠ Make sure that the dentures glue has been spread evenly across the denture.ᅠ Your dentures should also be clean at the time of adhesive application.ᅠ Reapply the adhesive when the effect appears to be wearing off.

There are two main kinds of dentures glue.ᅠ The first kind is the paste.ᅠ Pastes should be applied to a wet denture.ᅠ Small strips or lines of dots are recommended patterns along the sides and center of the denture.ᅠ The other type of dentures adhesive is the powder adhesive.ᅠ Powders are to be sprinkled across the entire denture.ᅠ Excess powder can be shaken off.ᅠ The advantages of a powder are ease of cleaning and better contact between denture and tissue.

Dentures adhesives are a great way to enhance the function of dentures.ᅠ If used properly and for the right reasons, they can significantly increase a patient's comfort.ᅠ The dangers of adhesives come when they are used excessively and improperly.ᅠ Tissue damage is not uncommon in these cases.

If you have or are getting dentures, think about using denture adhesives and denture glues to help keep them from shifting around while in place.

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