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Dentures are removable replacement teeth that nowadays can complete your smile in a way that looks and feels more natural than ever. Your custom-made dentures begin with an appointment so that Dr. Shumway can take an impression (mold) of your teeth which will be used to design and create your new dentures. Your dentures will be made to not only fit your teeth perfectly but also to match the color, shape and size of your other teeth so that you get a seamless smile that looks entirely your own. And because there are partial dentures as well as full dentures, you can replace one or all of your teeth depending on your need and preference.

Dr. Shumway, Gilbert, AZ denture specialist, will ensure that you get dentures that look beautiful and natural and fit you like a glove. Your dentures will not only complete your smile but also help you to prevent bone loss and bite and speech problems that are possible when you have missing teeth. Dentures do so much more than just make your smile look betterラ they also help to keep your smile as healthy as can be. And with proper care they can last your lifetime. Call Dr. Shumway today for an appointment.

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