Dentures Whitening

The whole tooth-whitening craze isn't just for people with real teeth!ᅠ Dentures can be stained and discolored with time with coffee and cigarette smoke.ᅠ The way dentures discolor can be more obvious than real staining and could reveal to the discerning eye that you have false teeth.

The good news is that there are teeth whitening options for dentures.ᅠ Your dentist can perform denture whitening, but the most basic way to protect against it is with a regular cleaning schedule.ᅠ Always clean your dentures as often as you'd clean normal teeth.ᅠ Use a soft or medium toothbrush to reach all the crevices and scrub off stubborn surface stains.ᅠ Soaking your dentures overnight will also help maintain a clean look.

You should never use regular tooth whitening products on your dentures.ᅠ They could damage your dentures and render them useless.ᅠ There are special denture cleaners and whiteners available over the counter.ᅠ If all else fails, you can take your dentures to the dentist for a polishing.ᅠ This usually brings the denture back to its original shine and luster, but you should not expect it to be any whiter than that.

If you now find that the original shade of your teeth is no longer satisfactory, you can have more expensive teeth installed that have several shades to choose from.ᅠ Beware that these premium dentures may have a wide variety of white shades, but you'll also foot a bigger bill to replace all of your teeth.ᅠ Just like picking paints, your dentist can provide you with a shade chart to help you find the right color.

For the most part you'll only have to replace the front teeth since those are the only visible ones.ᅠ Replacing just he front teeth can take some time, but if your dentist has a lab in his office it could be done while you wait.

If your dentures are old and you wish to replace a lot of teeth, then you may be better off getting an entirely new set of dentures.ᅠ You can either have the original fit with the new teeth, or you can get a new fit to reflect any changes in your jaw and gums.

Having white dentures is just as important as white teeth.ᅠ Your smile is one of your most crucial social signals, and having clean dentures can go a long way towards your peace of mind and self-confidence.

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