Athletic Mouth Guard Gilbert, AZ

Dr. Shumway can design custom athletic mouthguards to protect your teeth and jaw while you play sports. These flexible plastic molds that are made just for your teeth are a comfortable and effective way to keep your teeth and jaw safe in even the most rambunctious of activities. They also work to protect the soft tissues of your mouth such as your gums, tongue, lips and lining of your cheeks. A couple of visits to Dr. Shumway's Gilbert, AZ dental office is all you need. During the first visit he will take an impression of your teeth that will be sent to the lab to make your custom athletic mouthguard. It is also during this appointment that you get to choose the color of your mouthpiece. The final visit is to try it on and make sure that it is as comfortable as it should beラwhich it usually is thanks to being custom designed from the mold of your teeth. That's all it takes to ensure your teeth and jaw are safe while you play sports.

To get your custom athletic mouthguard contact Dr. Shumway's office today and book your appointment so that you can play hard while keeping your mouth safe.

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