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We offer custom tailored dental advertising solutions with a focus on marketing cosmetic dental practices.

We are a single source Internet dental advertising agency solution.

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What We Do is the leading Dental Directory on the Web and we focus 100% of our efforts and resources on finding the most advanced and effective methods to connect Patients and Dentists. has spent over 10 years test-marketing and perfecting these methods by continuously updating and optimizing our Directory's content, function, ease of use and advertising strategies. The Dental Find Dentist Directory was built from the ground up with one all-important directive: guiding Patients and Dentists to a swift and easy connection--without superfluous or confusing content.

How We Do It

Targeted Advertising. The Dental Find Dentist Directory advertises across the Net by city as well as by dental specialty, attracting Patients in your area seeking your practice's offerings. 

Comprehensive Listings. We are the easiest and most specialized Directory on the market. We do one thing and do it best: we provide Patients in need of your services the information they need to locate and contact you immediately. 

Convenience. Our Directory offers a stylish and easy Contact Dentist Form, encouraging new Patients to connect with you immediately while their interest is fresh. Their information is sent directly to your email address, making it easy for you to facilitate a fast relationship. They can also link directly to your dental practice website.

Members Only. Our exclusive Directory limits the number of listings per city, ensuring that your listing always reaches your prospective Patients.
Personal Notification. As soon as a lead comes in from your Contact Dentist Form, you'll know that you have a prospective patient waiting to hear from you that came from 

Enjoy Benefits

Dental Advertising with the Dental Find Dentist Directory offers your practice the important exposure and recognition it deserves. Our Directory's state-of-the-art features, dedicated dental practice advertising strategies and partnerships with other leading companies give you more options than any other system on the Web.

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Advertising on our dental directory and others we own will also boost your own dental website rankings. See many examples of our clients with top rankings in their respective cities for important dental keyphrases.

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