Dental Video Production Services for Cosmetic Dentists

Dental Video Production Services for Cosmetic Dentists

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We are very excited to see what we predicted many years ago, the explosion of web video in the dental industry.  Our company has been marketing dentists online for almost 10 years now, in fact we were one of the first ever to have a dental specific directory online.  Naturally, to continue as a leader in the full service Internet marketing firm segment, it made sense to incorporate an in-house video production team to our single source solution.  So we did.  Our videographers, script writers and editing teams are well versed in the nuances of dental marketing.  We know about all those statements and words you can't use in marketing, the politics of dentistry, the different associations and continuing education groups, the landscape and culture of the Internet and have a proven track record of predicting where to invest your Internet marketing dollars with the best ROI. We work with leaders and can talk shop with you all day long. This experience brings value to you way beyond the web video and Internet marketing services we provide.
Dental Video Marketing and Production Services
Fully Customized Video Websites from Scratch

We think out-of-the-box when it comes to marketing.  Combine our years of Internet dental marketing experience and knowledge of how to market dental services and you have a winning combination.  When we first started there were very few practices that had websites.  Now everyone and their uncle have a site and some have 2,3,4,or 5 websites.  More Internet dental directories have sprouted up, dental consultants have opened their own video divisions, more web firms are marketing  video services. What does this all mean? It means creativity and presentation are extremely important to increase online conversions.  We can help differentiate your practice using creativity, dental specific experience and  web saavy to create a video website that gets results.  One that is unique to your practice and one that is harder for another dental practice to knock off and copy.
Add Video to Your Existing Dental Website
If you have a dental website you are happy with and just want to add video to your existing website we can help.  We have a large database of professional models and actors that will act as your video website hosts or you can star in your own videos. The choice is yours.  The advantages of using our company to produce your dental videos for you are many: we produce and edit videos for dental practices everyday, we have a creative edge, we are web specialists and we can help you attract even more dental patients to your website through our dental directories and other means.
Video Search Engine Optimization
Video SEO is very much like natural search engine optimization except that it is videos you are ranking in website like Youtube, Yahoo video, AOL video and others. When videos are submitted and optimized properly there is a high probability that you can gain ranking in the regular search results even have a video thumbnail displayed that is very eye catching.
Green Screen Video
The green screen allows us to produce viral videos for you.  With our creativity,  technical saavy and knowledge of dentistry we can produce dental videos to market your practice like no other.  We have produced coutless videos that get passed around and linked on the Internet because of the wow factor we have been able to create with the green screen.  Besides green is in these days.
In Office DVD Video
There's nothing better than have your own patients rave about you playing on your plasma tv in the waiting room. Talk to us about how to turn your waiting room into a marketing opportunity for you.
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