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We’ve all heard stories about how trips to the dentist’s chair have been traumatizing experiences for so many. After all, the bright lights and displayed tools on a tray is hardly the most natural of surroundings to get comfortable in. But today, there are a number of ways to help keep you calm and relaxed in the dentist’s chair using sedation dentistry. Dr Robert Earl uses sedation dentistry to counteract patient anxiety, keeping you safe and comfortable.
Your Las Vegas sedation dentist can help you keep anxious feelings in tact in a variety of ways. The most common kind of sedation dentistry is oral sedation dentistry that involves the administration of a pill or tablet to be swallowed. The pill or tablet will ease nerves in mild cases of patient dental anxiety. Another kind of sedation offered by cosmetic and laser dentists in Las Vegas is inhalation sedation. Inhalation sedation represents one of the most used techniques around and it is administered via inhalation. Nitrous oxide and oxygen are pumped to a mask that the patient wears around his/her nose and mouth. While breathing in, the gas acts as a sedative and eases nervous feelings.

Other, slightly more complicated techniques for sedation dentistry are used when patients experience higher bouts of dental anxiety. These kinds of sedation dentistry include intravenous sedation dentistry and intramuscular sedation dentistry. Intravenous sedation dentistry is safe and highly effective. It requires the patient to have the sedative administered via a tube to a vein in the body (usually in the arm).

Intramuscular sedation dentistry – though less common and slightly more complicated  - is also very effective. It requires the sedative to be injected to the muscle of the upper arm or thigh. In all instances, your Las Vegas sedation dentist Dr. Earl of is a certified professional with years of experience to allow for a safe, effective procedure. For many, sedation dentistry in Las Vegas is the only way they will get in a dentist’s chair. Call Dr. Earl today to learn more.

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