Periodontal Therapy Tuscaloosa

Periodontal disease refers to any disease of the gums. Gum disease causes your gums to bleed and recede which if left untreated will result in the loss of teeth. It has also been shown that the infection of the gums can spread to the bone and from there to the bloodstream which has been proven to increase your risk of heart attack and more.

Periodontal therapy works to restore the health of your gums and prevent further infection and disease. It starts with probing the teeth to get an idea of what’s going on below the gum line and then working to remove the plaque and calculus that is preventing your gums from staying attached to your teeth as well as working to kill any infection. In more serious cases surgery may be needed to ‘peel back’ more of your gum tissue so that deep pockets can be cleaned out and disinfected to encourage better healing of your bone and gums.

Periodontal therapy is crucial in keeping your mouth and body healthy. Regular check ups with the dentist can help you ensure that you stay on top of any potential problems.

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