PPM Mouth Guard Gurnee-Lake County, IL

It was designed by a neuromuscular dentist to not only protect the mouth during sports activity but to also align the jaw in the process. This proper alignment of the jaw has proven to enhance performance, range of motion and endurance based on the principles of neuromuscular dentistry.

The PPM mouthguard is an oral sports device that is fitted to you specifically so that you get the best possible fit and function. The dentist, who has been specially trained in fitting a PPM mouthguard, will use special technology to gather all of the details of your jaw alignment, bite, size and more. Your mouthguard will be created exactly to your specifications so you get a mouthguard that is not only perfectly fitted to you but is also shown to enhance your performance.

You can get a PPM upper protective guard to use for contact sports or a PPM lower protective guard which is best for non-contact sports. You will need two visits to get your PPM mouthguard with the first where you dentist gathers all of the necessary information to create a custom piece to your specifications and the second visit to pick up the finished product. The next step is putting on your PPM mouthguard and reaping the rewards of this well researched, state-of-the-art sports appliance that will fit you like a glove and work with you for better performance.

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