Sedation Dentistry Fort Collins, CO

Thanks to modern sedation dentistry, patients can experience a virtually pain-free dental experience without having to worry about the disturbing sounds and smells associated with dental treatment.ᅠ Patients are given a mild, calming sedative before their treatment, keeping them completely relaxed and so at ease that they almost fall asleep during their dental procedure.ᅠ ᅠ

Sedation dentistry can safely and effectively alleviate dental anxiety and fear and is the perfect solution for patients who are afraid to visit the dentist.ᅠᅠ Dr. Owens has been able to help many of his patients overcome their dental anxiety through sedation dentistry.ᅠ Even the most fearful patients have been able to receive the proper dental treatment and actually enjoy their dental visit.ᅠ If you are an apprehensive patient who has avoided getting much needed dental work done, now you can receive the oral health care you deserve and quicker than you ever thought possible.ᅠ Thanks to sedation dentistry Dr. Owens is able to condense years of dental work into just a few appointments.ᅠ This saves patient's time and money.

Whether it is a routine procedure or a complex cosmetic smile makeover, Dr. Owens offers a variety of sedation methods to help you get a beautiful, healthy smile easier, more comfortably and in half the time.ᅠ Don't hesitate for one more second; get your dream smile today by calling to book a consultation with Dr. Owens right now

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