TMJ Therapy/Bite Therapy Tuscaloosa

This can lead to headaches, problems opening and closing the mouth, chewing and more. TMJ is most commonly caused by stress on the jaw muscles and joints which comes from clenching the teeth, a bad bite and more.

Some of the most common symptoms of TMJ include:

Jaw pain
Clicking or grinding sound when chewing or yawning
Unexplained persistent headaches
Dull aches and pains in the face
Pain while chewing

While a visit to the doctor is recommended as well as the dentist to help rule out other conditions, many of the times TMJ is the problem and requires TMJ therapy or bite therapy. What this involves is advice on how to relieve the symptoms as well as the use of a mouthguard or splint made specifically for TMJ therapy. This dental appliance helps to prevent clenching and of the teeth in your sleep which is when most people do it. They can offer you relief from the persistent pain of TMJ like nothing else can.

If you believe that TMJ is the cause of your symptoms or want to be sure, then give us a call so that we can see if TMJ therapy or bite therapy is right for you.

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