Invisalign Cincinnati Cosmetic Dentist

Among recent dental innovations, Invisalign is arguably the most popular. A more aesthetically pleasing alternative to braces, Invisalign is an exciting new system of teeth straightening. Unlike braces, Invisalign is an effective way of straightening teeth that is not noticeable. Also known as invisible braces, Invisalign is referred to within the cosmetic dental field as the contact lenses for teeth.

In this innovative teeth straightening system, 3-D computer imaging is used to help a dentist formulate a customized teeth straightening plan for their patients. Made up of aligners that are created from strong, medical grade plastic, Invisalign foregoes the metal wire material used in braces. This allows Invisalign users to discreetly wear this effective teeth straightening device. Besides being difficult to detect, Invisalign offers its users an added advantage in that it is easily removable. As a result, Invisalign wearers do not have to modify what they eat or drink. In Cincinnati, Dr. Thomas K. Hedge has been offering this popular procedure for many years.

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