Invisalign Dentist or Orthodontist: Who Should do the Procedure?

An Invisalign dentist is a professional that has been trained and is certified in placing Invisalign devices. When people have to correct the alignment of their teeth, they usually address an orthodontist since he is the one who specializes in teeth movement and can provide proper treatment. However, general dentists that received Invisalign training are also qualified to provide this type of treatment.

Invisalign is a product designed to fix the misalignment of teeth by providing custom-made braces, respecting patient-specific requirements. Given the cost of an Invisalign treatment, choosing the best specialist to perform the procedure is very important.

Invisalign Dentists and Orthodontists

When choosing to have an Invisalign treatment you have to consider your choices of specialists to perform the procedure. Invisalign treatments are offered both by dentists and orthodontists.  A dentist is a doctor that is certified in general dentistry. Usually dentists attend different trainings, like trainings in dental cosmetics, so that they can learn more about certain procedures. This way they can offer more treatment options to their patients.

Orthodontists for Invisalign

An orthodontist is a specialist that has studied in the general dentistry, but has also studied orthodontics for a few more years (typically two) at an university.

Orthodontics is a specialization which focuses on the movement of teeth and it is not compulsory for all students that study general dentistry. Orthodontists work with braces, and they also work with newer devices such as Invisalign. However, not all orthodontists are specialized in administering the Invisalign treatment.

Orthodontist or Dentist?

When it comes to correcting the alignment of teeth, it is usually orthodontists that should perform the treatment, as this is what they are specialized in. However, in the case of Invisalign, both dentists and orthodontists that have been trained in using the product. You should ask if the specialist you talk to has training in Invisalign.

How to Choose the Best Specialist for Invisalign

The way in which the treatment is performed is always important, especially when it comes to an expensive procedure. Therefore, to make sure you get the best treatment, you should choose your dentist/orthodontist carefully. Get informed on the skills and experience of the dentist or orthodontist you are considering.

The closest to home or the least expensive quote you get may not always be the best choice. It’s important to make sure that your dentist or orthodontist has the qualification to provide the Invisalign treatment. Check for professionals in your area that provide this type of treatment. You should also schedule an appointment with the professionals that you are considering.

Ask for pictures of former patients, so that you can get an idea on what to expect from the procedure and what the professional can do for you. However, you should keep in mind that the results may depend on a wide range of factors, including the shape and position of your teeth.

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