Invisalign - Invisible Braces and Clear Braces to Straighten Teeth

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Unfortunately, we were not all born with perfect teeth.ᅠ Braces are a natural use of orthodontic therapy to assist Mother Nature in giving us the best smile possible. However, the technology and choice in braces has come a long way since the old days of complicated metal grids interfering with speaking and eating, making the wearer self-conscious. Now patients have the option of Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign systems are literally invisibleラno more metal grids. Made of plastic, the Invisalign system is custom-fit to the patient's teeth.ᅠ Like traditional braces, the Invisalign system gradually straightens your teeth, upper and lower, to a healthier, more attractive new you. Invisalign does not take longer than traditional braces, but the length of treatment depends upon the severity of each person's dental condition.

What are the advantages to Invisalign?

Whichever method one chooses, properly aligned teeth are an important factor to overall health, especially dental health. Invisalign offers certain other advantages to your comfort, convenience, and confidence while you are under treatment. Sometimes, traditional braces and Invisalign may be used together. Occasionally, teeth whitening treatment may be used with Invisalign.

ユᅠᅠ ᅠInvisalign is removable. Yes, you can eat and drink normally when needed, without worry that food will become stuck in your braces. Brushing and flossing are also easy with Invisalign's removable system. In addition, with the removable alignment system, there is less chance of plaque build-up and complications from periodontal disease while you have the system in use.

ユᅠᅠ ᅠInvisalign is invisible. While conventional braces are good for improving the teeth, Invisalign has the added attraction of helping those who would feel more self-confident without the obviousness of metal alignment. This makes the treatment ideal for adults who want to maintain a professional appearance.

How does Invisalign work?

The first step is computer imaging technology to give you and your dental professional a simulated three-dimensional version of the final result. Through this technology, a plan will be designed, and aligners are then created for your best results. There will be different sets of aligners for each stage of the treatment for your condition, adjusting your teeth through controlled forceラjust like traditional braces. You will periodically visit your orthodontist for check-ups, evaluating progress, and to move to the next set of aligners.

Would I be a good candidate for Invisalign?

Invisalign aligners help remedy a wide array of dental problems. Conditions such as overly crowded teeth, widely-spaced teeth, crossbite, overbite, underbite are typical situations for Invisalign to handle. Invisalign can be used when the patient's second molars have erupted, which generally occurs at age twelve. Always consult a dental professional to see if you are a potential candidate.

Is caring for Invisalign difficult?

With good dental practice, caring for Invisalign is easy. You will need to brush thoroughly after each meal and before you re-insert the aligners. Cleaning the aligners themselves, by brushing and rinsing in water, is also recommended. The aligners will need to be worn all day except when eating or cleaning. Smoking or chewing gum while wearing the aligners is strongly not recommended. After the treatment is finished, you may need a retainer.

An important decisionナ.

Orthodontic therapy is a significant investment in your future health and self-esteem. Invisalign offers a viable improvement over traditional metal braces. Invisalign might be covered under some dental insurance plans. Often, dental professionals offer payment plans to assist in treatment. A dental professional needs special training to treat a patient with the Invisalign system, so you have the added reassurance that your orthodontist or dentist is Invisalign-certified. The real payoff is the new look and improved health and confidence you develop from your fabulous smile.

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