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Back in the day, if a dental patient learnt that they needed to have their teeth straightened they were resigned to the fact that they would have to wear braces. Although braces are one of the most effective teeth straightening systems found in the dental industry, patients couldn't help but cringe about the prospect of having to wear them. This is because braces were impossible to ignore. They were large, made up of metal, and comprised of wires that compromised its wearer's smile.

However, now there is a new method of teeth straightening. Through Invisalign, it is possible for individuals to have their teeth straightened discreetly by wearing the dental instrument that is known as contact lenses for teeth. Invisalign utilizes aligners that are difficult to detect as it is made of strong, medical grade plastic. This teeth straightening system also allow its wearers to easily remove them so that they don't have to worry about the possibility of bacteria being trapped in its aligners from eating or drinking.

In Sacramento, Dr. Alfred Osolin, D.D.S. has been offering Invisalign for many years. Among the leading cosmetic dentists in California, Dr. Osolin has continually pushed the standards of cosmetic dentistry in Sacramento by embracing new dental technology such as Invisalign.

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