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No one wants to wear braces!  They’re ugly, painful, and just plain troublesome.  Eating food is a hassle, chewing gum is problematic, and any lover can tell you that kisses just aren’t the same with braces.  Most patients are still in school too, and can face a slew of teasing from kids in the playground or in the cafeteria.  For adults, the prospect of getting braces at a later age can also be quite embarrassing.

So now that we’ve established that wearing metal in your mouth is not desirable, let’s talk about invisible braces.  Also known as Invisalign, invisible braces are a new trend in tooth alignment correction.  For the average patient, it means freedom from the horror of braces.

The invisible brace system is a series of clear plastic aligners that gradually achieve the same result of metal braces.  The plastic is nearly invisible and can be removed when the patient wishes to eat or chew gum.  Oral hygiene is made easier with invisible braces because you can still brush and floss without obstruction by removing the braces.

The process of getting invisible braces begins with a careful examination of your teeth.  A 3-D model must be created and each case needs to be addressed independently.  The treatment plan involves custom aligners that will shift the tooth position over two-week intervals.  That means that every two weeks you’ll receive a new aligner that will continue where the old one left off.  Most patients do feel a bit of pain while they’re wearing it, but it’s nothing compared to the gut-wrenching feel of an orthodontist tightening the wires of metal braces.

Depending on the severity of your case, the treatment can last months to years.  However, the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that no one will notice your braces is priceless.

Today, over 100,000 people are using invisible braces, and the number grows every day.  Though invisible braces will never replace metal braces fully, the majority of patients should be eligible for invisible braces while only severe cases will require metal braces.

Orthodontists require only a little additional training.  A 3-D imaging computer controls most of the procedure.  It produces the treatment plan from the original 3-D model of your teeth.  The orthodontist only needs to monitor the fit and progress of the aligners and let the braces do the work.

Imagine a perfect smile without the prolonged period of sharp metal and wires in your mouth.  That’s what invisible braces promise.  Consult an orthodontist certified with the Invisalign system today and get on the road to great teeth without the ordeal of a metal mouth.

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