Orthodontics Chandler, AZ

Orthodontics involves the use of special dental appliances like braces and retainers to straighten the teeth. Nowadays there are all kinds of options available so that you can have your teeth straightened using a method that fits your preferences as well as your lifestyle and comfort level.

With all of the different types of braces and new innovations in orthodontics, Dr. Shumway and his team can help you straighten your smile more comfortably and quickly than ever no matter your age or budget. Children can now have fun with braces that come in all kinds of exciting colors and adults can straighten their teeth using clear braces which are very discreet and still as effective as regular braces. For instance, ceramic brackets can be perfectly matched to the color of your teeth so that they're almost unnoticeable when on. And, the new Damon brackets offer a far more comfortable straightening experience than any other. And of course you still have the option of traditional metal braces which are always an economical option which is available to those who prefer them over the others.

Dr. Shumway, Chandler orthodontics specialist, can give you and your family the straight and beautiful smiles that you've been dreaming of. Call the office to book your orthodontics appointment and see which option is best for you, your needs and of course, your budget.

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