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If you are willing to commit time, Whistler Dental orthodontics can improve the positioning of your teeth, and in so doing, improve their appearance and function. It involves braces, retainers and other devices to straighten crooked, over crowded or protruding teeth. By applying gentle pressure over a period of months or years, teeth can be moved into the desired position. Today, one in five orthodontic patients are adults.

Orthodontics in Whistlerᅠ can fix:

- crowded and/or crooked teeth
- over bites or under bites;
- open bites (when back teeth touch, but front teeth don't)
- too little or too much space between teeth;
- extra or missing teeth.

Orthodontics in Whistler not only improves your appearance, but your overall dental health:

- crowded, crooked or protruding teeth influence appearance and can deeply affect self confidence;
- misaligned teeth affect your bite, possibly causing difficulty in chewing some foods and causing unnatural wearing of your teeth;
- crowded and crooked teeth are more difficult to brush and floss thoroughly, therefore, they are more susceptible to gum disease (see gum disease section - click here);
- protruding teeth are more easily chipped or broken;
- crooked teeth may affect the alignment of jaw bones causing muscle tension and discomfort known as Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder (see TMJ Disorder under oral health for adults - click here).

How braces move teeth...

Teeth can be moved in many directions depending on how much pressure is applied by the archwires, springs and elastics. Once teeth begin shifting position, flexible archwires may be exchanged for stiffer ones. Teeth may feel sore or a little loose as they move through bone, but this goes away once the jawbone adapts to the change of position.

We offer Invisalign braces in Whistler to straighten teeth without metal braces.ᅠ In extreme cases we can refer you to a Whistler Orthodontist.ᅠ We serve the orthodontic needs of Squamish, Pemberton, Garibaldi Highlands and surrounding areas.ᅠ Braces for adults and children in Whistler are available at Whistler Dental.

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