Porcelain Veneers Huntersville, NC

These thin layers of porcelain look and function just like your natural teeth and are expertly crafted to compliment your smile.ᅠ The first part of the procedure involves preparing the teeth for the veneers.ᅠ This is done by trimming some of the enamel off the surface of the teeth so that when the veneers are ready to be bonded they will fit and align perfectly with your other teeth.

While you wait for your veneers to be crafted in a dental lab, Dr. Miles will place beautiful temporaries on your teeth that you will wear until your next and final visit.ᅠ Once your veneers are complete, Dr. Miles will securely bond them to your teeth, creating a flawless appearance.ᅠ In just two short visits you can have the stunning smile you have always wanted. ᅠ

Porcelain veneers are an incredible way to fix chipped or cracked teeth, even cover stains.ᅠ They can also enhance the appearance of your teeth by changing the shape, color, and length.ᅠ Veneers are also an ideal alternative to braces, instantly giving the appearance of straight, aligned teeth, without the hassle and time of wearing uncomfortable metal wires.

A beautiful porcelain veneer smile can dramatically improve your appearance and strengthen your teeth for a long-lasting, healthy, and bright smile.

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