Porcelain Veneers New York City Dentist

If you recently caught the hit TV-reality show The Swan, you may have seen the portion on smile makeovers.ᅠYou too can have star treatment in New York City at Dr. Michael Kosdon's cosmetic dentistry clinic.

Among the most radical and effective treatments available today is the porcelain veneer.ᅠ Porcelain veneers are thin shells that mimic the look of healthy teeth and can be cemented directly on the front teeth.ᅠ It's like designer clothes for your teeth, except they'll last for years to come.ᅠ Any sort of problem you may have with your smileラwhether it's discoloration, gaps, or crookednessラcan be fixed with porcelain veneers.ᅠ Dr. Kosdon is experienced with the technique and have successfully performed them on some of New York's hottest celebrities.ᅠ Contact their office today for a consultation and have a smile worth of Broadway.

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