Can a Root Canal be Combined with Other Dental Treatments?

Root canal treatment is required when the tooth’s pulp needs to be removed either due to an infection or to tooth fractures that resulted in damaging the pulp. The pulp has the role of supplying the tooth with nutrients. A root canal or endodontic treatment consists of the removal of the tooth pulp together with the connected tissue and nerves. It results in a devitalized tooth which will be further nourished only through the gums. Devitalized teeth might need several other treatments in the future: crowns, inside bleach, veneers, lumineers, invisalign or braces.

Root Canal and Crowns

In many cases, dentists recommend continuing the root canal treatment with further dental procedures in order to restore the complete function of the tooth. Teeth that underwent a root canal are prone to fractures and decay usually because the root canal was caused by a large cavity and part of the tooth is already lost.

In order to consolidate a devitalized tooth, dentists recommend a dental crown or a combination between a dental crown and a dental post. A dental post is a metal rod which dentists insert into the tooth in order to provide better anchorage for the dental crown. This procedure is usually performed when a considerable part of the tooth is missing. If the tooth height also needs restoration, dentists do it with filling material. Dental crowns are porcelain or metal teeth caps which are placed on the exterior part of the tooth to protect it from bacteria and improve its strength.

Root Canal and Internal Bleaching

Internal bleaching is a procedure that whitens teeth treated with a root canal. Devitalized teeth might get stained from the inside due to the changes they underwent. Blood or other fluids which enter the tooth can also cause changes in color. In these cases, tooth whitening is performed by inserting an oxidizing chemical substance into the pulp chamber through a small drilled hole. The procedure is repeated until the color of the tooth reaches the desired shade.

Root Canal and Veneers or Lumineers

Veneers and lumineers are dental products which are placed on the external part of the tooth in order to correct tooth imperfections. In case of root canal treatments, veneers or lumineers can also be used to reinforce the tooth and provide a better look.

If the devitalized tooth is located in the back of the mouth, dentists recommend full crowns. However, if it is located in the front, veneers or lumineers are also a good option. The decision on whether to use a crown or veneers/lumineers is made taking into consideration the position, the health and the integrity of the tooth.

Invisalign and Braces

Invisalign treatment can be done on teeth with a root canal. If the need for an endodontic treatment appears during the invisalign treatment, this should be stopped until the root canal is performed and then continue with new invisalign trays.

Braces can also be used on devitalized teeth since they can be moved and support rearrangement. However, this movement might lead to the tooth falling off since it no longer has a root to keep it in place. In order to make the most appropriate decision, it is recommended to consult your dentist.

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