Options after a Failed Root Canal

Root canal surgery may fail due to a number of reasons such as failure to kill the nerve, failure to clean the canals properly or an infection of the root. After a failed root canal procedure, there are a few options to save the tooth, but there may be cases when tooth extraction is required.

Repeated Root Canal

The root canal procedure may be repeated if the first one has failed. However, this procedure may involve more risks, will take a longer time and will possible require several treatment sessions. The crown, the post and the filling will have to be removed, and during this procedure, the tooth may be damaged.

If the is not damaged, it will have to be treated with medication. The surgeon will have to thoroughly clean the canals, making sure to remove all nerves and remaining parts of the nerves. The treatment may be performed in one to four sessions. After the root canal is clean, a filling is needed.

The treatment is also more expensive than the initial root canal.

Endodontic Surgery

Endodontic surgery may be another alternative after a failed root canal. During this surgery, the dentist will have access to the root from the bottom area of the tooth, leaving the crown intact. The surgery will also involve cleaning the tip side of the root and this will be removed. The inside of the root canal will also have to be cleaned and then a filling will be placed.

Tooth Extraction

If the above mentioned procedures fail or the patient refuses treatment, tooth extraction is also an option for a failed root canal.

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