What Is a Root Canal?

In dentistry, the root canal is the soft nerve in the tooth that is covered by the hard enamel outer layer. The root canal, as a nerve, is sensitive and vulnerable to high pain levels if it is impacted by decay or other issues. Dentists work with the root canal to alleviate some issues with the nerve.

Root Canal Procedure

The root canal procedure is also called endodontic therapy. This might happen if the patient begins to experience a lot of pain because of decay of the tooth or other issues. The patient will generally see a periodontist who will advise on the issues that are making the root canal procedure necessary and identify both an immediate and a general strategy for protecting overall dental health.

A root canal is done with local anesthetic. The dentist often works to change the way the nerve experiences a stimulus. This can lead to less pain in the tooth. A tooth can still “work” with a dead nerve, and a root canal procedure is a way of making a hurt tooth functional again.

Pre-Treatment Consultation

Before going through with a root canal procedure, the patient should talk to the dental office about all of the risks and benefits, including cost and time involved, and give a medical history as well as a list of any known allergies to help avoid some problems and complications.

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