Smile Makeovers Sauganash Cosmetic Dentistry

Patients who suffer from multiple dental problems may require a treatment plan that combines two or more cosmetic dentistry procedures to provide a complete smile transformation.

Although aesthetic enhancement is the main goal in a smile makeover, Dr. Connolly is also concerned with improving how the smile functions in order to provide patients with the best results possible.  For example, patients may simply be looking for improvement in their appearance without realizing that there are other factors, such as improper jaw alignment, that are causing a variety of underlying conditions.  In this case, TMJ therapy would be performed to properly position the jaw, followed by the appropriate cosmetic treatment to enhance the patient’s appearance.

Dr. Connolly uses the most advanced technologies and the finest grade products to craft the most exquisite smiles.  Common aspects of a smile makeover include improving the color of teeth with a whitening procedure or masking stains with tooth-colored restorations such as porcelain veneers.  Porcelain veneers may also be required to fix chips and cracks, or correct misaligned teeth.  Patients with severely crooked teeth or bite problems may require the application of an orthodontic appliance such as braces.  In addition, the use of dental implants, porcelain crowns, and bridges, may also be necessary to replace missing teeth or repair teeth that are badly decayed or broken.

During your consultation, Dr. Connolly will carefully examine your teeth and gums and from there he will recommend which cosmetic and restorative procedures will provide the most satisfying results for your particular case.


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