Have you looked in the mirror, shocked by the dullness of your teeth?  Or, did you spend time looking at your old photos, only to notice how bright your smile used to be?  Dull teeth that do not have the white luster of yesteryear is a natural result of aging and our lifestyle choices, but dental whitening treatments, such as the Nupro White Gold and Illumine Nupro systems, can turn back the clock on your smile.  

Many people become victims of aging teeth, which can come from a medley of habits.  Clearly, smoking or chewing tobacco are major reasons why teeth become discolored, but drinking coffee, tea, red wine, and even soda can add years to your smile.  In addition, if you take tetracycline, an antibiotic, your teeth may become stained in gray or yellow tones.  

Whereas many individuals opt to utilize whitening toothpastes, these cannot remove the dull stains that are a result of years of lifestyle habits.  In fact, over-brushing your teeth with whitening toothpastes can damage your enamel, which leads to permanently dull smiles.  

Nupro: Considering your teeth whitening options

Nupro, a specialist in dental whitening, offers two choices for those seeking a sparkling smile: Nupro White Gold and Illumine Nupro.  Combining the efficiency of a dentist’s office treatment with the longevity of home treatments, Nupro ensures that your smile keeps shining whitely.    

Your dentist will professionally apply Illumine Nupro onto your teeth progressively in 15 minute intervals.  The whitening product is a 35% hydrogen peroxide-based compound. The process does not use a laser or bleaching light, and therefore does not induce an uncomfortable heating sensation, as some products have been known to do.  After three applications, your teeth will achieve a whiteness that is several shades lighter, and the entire process only takes approximately one hour.   

Afterwards, your dentist may recommend the Nupro White Gold for a home treatment, which is an easy program that keeps your teeth sparkling white.  

Nupro’s higher quality gel enhances whitening effectiveness

The quality of the whitening gel plays a large role in the effectiveness of your dental treatment – and Nupro White Gold and Illumine Nupro are leaders in this regards.  Utilizing a thick mixture of hydrogen peroxide, along with other chemicals, Nupro White Gold and Illumine Nupro do not dry your teeth, nor cause sensitivity issues.  

Nupro combines the best of both whitening worlds, providing you with the professionalism of dentist’s treatment with the longevity of at-home programs with the Nupro White Gold and Illumine Nupro systems.  

Choosing the right whitening product for your smile

Given the large variety of dentist whitening treatments available, consumers today have great choices when it comes to creating a sparkling smile.  For those who prefer complete convenience, Nupro may not be ideal, as it may require at home treatments.  However, many people have found a whiter, longer-lasting smile with the Nupro White Gold and Illumine Nupro combination – which can double the whiteness for your smile.

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